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Check our 2017 Telethon

Case 1:

The family of Ghada Ghoros

Due to the poor economic situation, Ghada was unable to secure school expenses for her children, and they did not complete their education. Mario and Mark stopped studying at the fifth grade in elementary school, and Khawla at the first elementary level. The younger child, Michael, is now pursuing his studies in the nursery stage, which is not appropriate with his age, at the Syriac Progression School in the region.

Case 2:

Fadia Abu Naoum

Fadia is the widow of Mr. Jean Abu Naoum, who died about seven months ago as a result of a heart attack after his illness. Fadia, 42, lives in a very small house in Ablah- Bekaa, where she shares with her four children, Elsy, Elia, Emil and Jean Claude, a one-bedroom bed that does not conform to health standards.

Case 3:

The child Joseph Patrick Boutros

The boy was born in 2008, He has a congenital disability (not growing his right leg) and needs an artificial limb (full leg).His twin brother is suffering from a delay in body growth, which adds burdens and expenses on the family that is unable to pay.

Case 4:

The girl Rawan al-Nazer from Beddawi

Rawan suffers from anemia (Thalassemia), since her birth, which causes an increase of the ferritin levels in her body, and difficulty in growth. The parents should provide a certain amount of blood every week, and this amount increases week after week. Rawan needs an urgent bone narrow transplantation surgery and the operation will take place in turkey.

Case 5:

The child Chadi Kaloudsian

Chady has a rare disease, a weakness in the whole body’s muscles since birth. It is reported that there is no treatment to this disease and it’s a rare and unique situation in the world. Doctors did not find the characterization and treatment of this disease even. In addition, the disease caused problems with his hands, feet and mouth. Because of the high cost of the treatment, the parents were unable to pay their school fees.

Case 6:

The child of Lama Haj Hassan

Lama Haj Hassan is a 4 years old girl, and she is the only child in her family. She suffers from an extreme anemia; she needs a bone marrow transplant surgery. In addition, the father works at a hotel with a basic salary, and lives in a rented house.

Case 7:

Rita Frem

Rita is 22 years old and has a chronic illness since her childhood. She needs permanent and continuous medical coverage. She also wants to undergo surgery in her leg to regain her ability to walk.

Case 8:

Mary Hadchiti

Mrs. Mary Hadchiti is married to Mr. Raymond Zahra and lives with their 4 children in Hadshit – North of Lebanon. Raymond Zahra, the father, is suffering from several diseases, most notably “epilepsy in the head” therefore he was obliged to stop working. Their situation is miserable and they live in very bad conditions

Case 9:

Elias, Therese and Michel Ayoub

They have walking disabilities and their house was burned since the Lebanese war.

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