Christmas is different when you give! Check Telethon 2016

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Christmas is different when you give! Check Telethon 2016

Case 1:

The case of Charbel Khalifeh

Born in 2004, his father died due to a car accident and he suffers from a lack of growth in his hands from the shoulder level. The cost of placing prosthesis for his hands is 120,000$

Case 2:

The case of Abdo Hakim

Has no family, homeless and he has a lack of concentration, he needs a home, and a financial and moral support.

Case 3:

The case of Linda Tannous

Has two babies without a father, her situation is very bad, and they are homeless.

Case 4:

The case of Mohamad al-Moussaoui

He is five years old and needs a certain type of milk and should eat it exclusively. The cost of this milk is $ 2,000 per month and the family is very poor.

Case 5:

The case of Pio

A 3 year old child and he is completely blind, with no father and a mother who has mental illness and doesn’t have the ability to take care of him.

Case 6:

The case of Ahmad al-Falaiti

Who needs an emergency liver transplantation surgery. The operation will take place in Egypt

Case 7:

The case of Camelia Kassem 

A 9-month-old girl who is blind and needs an operation in America with a total cost of $ 40,000


Richard Moucaddem has just donated $80