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سطوح بيروت Always Stand Tall

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سطوح بيروت Always Stand Tall

BEIRUT is beautiful when it stands tall, with its walls, its colors, its glory, its roofs, and its people, always so thoughtful, and with hearts always so full… It is true that we faced a lot of crises… But we surpassed them… And today the pain is even bigger, but our love for each other and our solidarity expanded as well. Starting with the telethon, throughout the livelihood crisis, the COVID outbreak, and year after year, we stood side by side, held hands, wiped each other’s tears, bandaged each other’s wounds, and prayed for those whose circumstances were too harsh, and whom life unfortunately disappointed. Today, Stouh Beirut Association is in ruins. It’s odd and doesn’t look the same. The smiles of those who love it faded as well. The Stouh Beirut Campaign is launching a new initiative today entitled “سطوح بيروت شامخة عطول” or The “Roofs of Beirut Always Stand Tall”. As usual, an initiative starts small but grows through your love and donations, so that we’re able to help those who were left without a roof, a home, a job, or a breadwinner, those who lost their source of income during the port’s explosion, without which they cannot live or support their families, as much as we can. Today again, we call upon every single person, to be humane, we call upon every generous person in Lebanon or abroad, to help so that we can support each other once more. You can assist in many ways; financially, medically, or emotionally, as much as you can. Never forget, even the smallest gestures count, and endless love is the only element we need to rebuild Beirut. Be many so that the roofs of Beirut stand tall, again, and always!


Joelle Nohra has just donated $30