Lauching of the song “Idi bi Idik”

Lauching of the song “Idi bi Idik”

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, observed annually by the United Nations on 8 March, “3a Stouh Beirut” Association launched, in collaboration with the United Nations Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC Beirut), the song “Idi bi Idik.” It features lyrics by poet Nizar Francis and is composed and performed by artist Nader Khoury, distributed by musician Roy Nashef, and recorded by Jean Pierre Boutros Studio.


The song addresses women empowerment and speaks to women, calling them to stand up and claim their rights with no delay. The phrase “Idi bi Idik,” which literally means “My hand in your hand” and signifies “I support your struggle,” is repeated throughout the song, highlighting its main theme: Supporting women and adopting their causes by men.


On this occasion, Director of UNIC Beirut Margo Helou said that women in Lebanon have overcome difficult stages and have established their roles in the social, economic and political fields, although their participation is still minimal compared to men. Helou added that the International Day was not only a celebration of women’s numerousachievements, but an occasion for the international community and its partners to call on everyone to empower women to build healthy and sustainable societies. She went on to say that launching the song at this timein particular is consistent with the Day’s theme for this year, which is “Time is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives.” Hence, the goal of the song is to raise the voice in Lebanon and demand equal rights and justice for women, so that they may in turn contribute to breaking stereotypes of women.


For her part, Dalia Dagher, founderand president of “3a Stouh Beirut” Association said that in her association they seek to empower women and create opportunities that instill in them confidence in their abilities through highlighting their capacities. “This comes from our belief that equality between men and women creates an effective balance that paves the way for a healthy society and establishes bases for a nation with equal rights and known duties. We also believe that women are active and sensitive partners in nation building,” Dagher said. She added that after the launch of the Hashtag #Idi_bi_Idik to reach a better society through the participation of women in political, leadership and public affairs, the Association produced the song “Idi bi Idik”, which aims to highlight the importance of justice for women in legal texts, and urge women to have faith in themselves and activate their role in society in various fields. Dagher concluded by praising the Association’s collaboration with UNIC Beirut in launching the song and promoting it to reach to a large segment of society.




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