About The Association - Stouh Beirut by Dalia Dagher



Stouh Beirut is a non-profit organization whose aim is to support the underprivileged and most vulnerable members of our community,

by providing social services. It was founded in Beirut, in 2017, following five successful telethons, and is held annually in December.

Stouh Beirut is a registered association at the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in accordance with the registration nummber 218 of the Lebanese Law of Associations. It is committed to the ethical and responsible distribution of all donations provided by generous benefactors.

The reason behind establishing “Stouh Beirut” organization and its primary mission was to support everyone who needs help in Lebanon, mainly by providing financial, moral and social assistance.

Our organization has always been focused on helping the less fortunate with serious health problems by providing them with the necessary medical assistance and covering their expenses.

However, our projects were never limited to this because our mission, as mentioned earlier, revolves around helping anyone living in Lebanon who needs help.

Over the years we have committed ourselves to:

Helping the sick, the afflicted and the needy on Lebanese territories who cannot meet their own needs.

Supporting and empowering women in the civil and professional societies in Lebanon.

Conveying a message of love, mutual assistance and coexistence.

Organizing and implementing projects and social and educational meetings for the youth of Lebanon.

Conducting awareness campaigns to help build a healthy and prosperous Lebanon.

Helping children and young people by providing them with partial and full financial support to enable them to continue their education

Working to update laws relating to women, children and the family to better reflect their needs and better protect them.

Working on revitalizing the middle class and supporting its various components and so forth.

These objectives were partially achieved thanks to the “Telethon” that we’ve been organizing annually for the past 8 years.

The transparency of the telethon and its reliability among the Lebanese society have enabled our INGO to help a greater number of our compatriots.

And now, after all these years it was time to establish an extension of “Stouh Beirut” in France to be called “Les Toits de Beyrouth” in the hopes that we continue to work on s­preading happiness among the Lebanese society especially during these difficult times.

We have been capable of positively impacting the lives of more than 1000 families through our projects during these 8 years of committed work.

Our sense of urgency during sudden rising events such as the pandemic we have endured for the past two years and the catastrophic Beirut explosion has also shown its positive results.

Founder of Stouh Beirut Association

Dalia Dagher is a media figure with extensive experience in project management encompassing educational programs, event planning, and television.

Dalia majored in Arabic Literature and Journalism; she started her media career in 2002 and has worked as a media producer and presenter in local and regional channels and radio stations. Notably, she was the producer and presenter of many social shows focusing on women empowerment as well as socio-political discussions on a number of Lebanese societal concerns.

Dalia is currently the executive producer and presenter of “Daroure Nehke”, a social and political Talk Show broadcasted weekly on OTV.

Besides her media career, Dalia is a social activist who relentlessly works on improving her community and
initiating projects that contribute to the help of underserved population.

Founded by
Dalia Dagher

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