Maali al wazira - Stouh Beirut by Dalia Dagher
معالي الوزيرة – رنده بدير — Latest episode
December 19, 2018
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A  55-minutes talk show featuring a new vision

The episode of “Maali Al Wazira” program is divided as follows:

Segment One

  • The guest, “AlWazira”, is greeted in a studio with a psychological architecture based on colors and decorations that help the guest feeling the comfort and speaking honestly and with impartiality of their diplomacy. (A subliminal treatment technique used in contemporary psychiatry).
  • A short filmed report is displayed introducing the guest and her professional path briefly (two minutes).
  • Displaying and discussing the main topic, i.e., the details of the project proposed by the guest (which is supposed to be configured and ready on the IPAD or laptop in the studio).
  • Shifting to a new segment of a great importance in testing the guest and unveiling her personality. At this moment, the presenter or interviewer plays a very important role by using intelligent methods while discussing with the guest and questioning her about some personal or private matters in order to show her true identity to the public and to know her ability to adapt to the different categories of life using different musical backgrounds.
  • Displaying a filmed report, in which the guest has participated in the filming, that addresses a particular issue that she has already chosen and that is related to her ministerial project.
  • Putting up a challenge to the guest to perform a action that she can not do in the ordinary days (a personal initiative, apology, confrontation with a sensitive and very delicate party…).
  • Receiving a young man from the Youth Parliament to talk about the subject from a modern youth perspective.


Segment Two

(25 minutes)

  • Receiving the second guest from an opposite or identical political background (former minister or current minister active in civil society).
  • Discussing all the points of the project proposed by the guest and attempting to develop it with the new guest by discussing and blending ideas between the two.
  • Performing a socio-political confrontation using the technique of (question-answer) between the second guest and the original guest on the confrontation chair amid a certain mood (environment).
  • The main guest is also introduced to guests from other fields (artistic, scientific, literal, discovery…) sharing or not the same interests (the discussion varies as per the field in question)
  • Participation of the public by answering or commenting “yes or no” on the guest’s answers through voting electronically.
  • The main guest shall be entered into a dark room, isolated from the public, and shall write on an electronic screen the proposed decree or act which is suitable for the benefit of the state and the people. It is seen by the public in the studio through large screens.


Segment Three

(5 minutes)

  • The guest, “Al Wazira” remains alone in the studio after the minister had left during the break.
  • Displaying a short scene featuring a very important global event and a local event, commenting on both of them, and conducting a comparison between them and finally, listing all the negative and positive aspects by the guest “Al Wazira” (Dalia offers to watch the scene through the IPAD available at hand).
  • Thanking the guest and authenticating her project through implementing and offering a small gold stamp made of the form of her signature.

We will cooperate with various embassies in the Arab world and the world, and with important persons from the Arab world and the entire world, as well as with the European Union, UNESCO and ESCWA.

“Maali Al Wazira” is broadcast on Arab Woman TV.

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