Ser najeh - Stouh Beirut by Dalia Dagher
الأربعاء 9 كانون الأول 2015 – الجزء 3 — Latest episode
December 17, 2018
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“Stouh Beirut” is a socio-cultural talk show that airs every Saturday at 8.30 pm on Otv. The one hour and a half show is hosted by Dalia Dagher.

Each episode of “Stouh Beirut” features 3 to 4 guests coming from a wide range of cultural sources and including, actors, musicians, authors, athletes and political figures who are learned or have great experience in relation to the issue that is being discussed on the show for that episode. Current activities, work and area of expertise of the guests are also discussed.

Typically, the show is divided into 4 segments. Some segments recur periodically, such as “Min el aleb lal aleb” in which Dalia interviews a celebrity guest, often a politician, emphasizing on his hobbies, interests and day-to-day life, “Ydemlna wjoudkon” honoring our cultural icons, “Parazite” reflecting the general public’s opinion on critical subjects and “ kelna sawa” focusing on either charitable organizations or families in need, “Hypocrates “ talking about the latest progress and technology of medicine .

Special sections and reports on current and trending issues and topics are regularly added to the show.

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