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Stouh Beirut Association is a non-profit organization for social services whose mission is focused on helping underprivileged individuals and families. It was founded in Beirut in 2017 following five successful telethons that helped more than 50 families in need.

The association’s founder and current president, Dalia Dagher, had a vision that extends beyond providing financial help to those in need. She wanted to empower Lebanese women and encourage youth to remain in their societies by creating job opportunities. Stouh Beirut is registered in the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and municipalities and is committed to the ethical and responsible distribution of all donations provided by our generous benefactors. The association releases an annual report of its operations and finances detailing the destination of the donations and the continued work towards achieving its primary goals aforementioned on its website.


Jeremy Malkounian, a personal trainer, lost his leg above the knee around 6 months ago following a car accident. One of the most important things for him is getting his life back to the way it was prior to amputation and He’s refusing to let his injury stop him from pursuing his dreams. Jeremy needs […]

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Stouh Beirut campaign معا_ضد_الكورونا#

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مؤتمر صحافي لجمعية سطوح بيروت لإعلان توزيع مساعدات تيليتون 2018

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كرمال كلنا نعيد Telethon 2018

“Telethon” 3a Stouh Beirut hosted by Dalia Dagher, is a yearly televised fundraising event that lasts many hours, the purpose of which is to raise money for various cases (families and children in need) distributed across the Lebanese regions.

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Check our 2017 Telethon

Case 1: The family of Ghada Ghoros Due to the poor economic situation, Ghada was unable to secure school expenses for her children, and they did not complete their education. Mario and Mark stopped studying at the fifth grade in elementary school, and Khawla at the first elementary level. The younger child, Michael, is now […]

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Christmas is different when you give! Check Telethon 2016

Case 1: The case of Charbel Khalifeh Born in 2004, his father died due to a car accident and he suffers from a lack of growth in his hands from the shoulder level. The cost of placing prosthesis for his hands is 120,000$ Case 2: The case of Abdo Hakim Has no family, homeless and […]

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Abdallah Al-Ramy has just donated $200