Telethon2023 - Stouh Beirut by Dalia Dagher


"Since 2013, our journey has been lighting up lives; this year, let's illuminate more hearts than ever before."

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Stouh Beirut

Get ready for ‘Telethon Stouh Beirut 2023,’ now in its remarkable 11th year! Since its inception in 2013, our annual televised event has been a beacon of hope, illuminating hearts with compassion and solidarity. This year, under our inspiring slogan ‘Light up your heart,’ we continue our vital mission to gather support for critical cases. Stay tuned as we share the compelling stories of those we are aiding – from children to individuals awaiting life-changing surgeries and treatments. Your contributions can make a real difference. Join us, and let’s light up lives together in this year’s journey of hope and healing.

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In this heartfelt video, we introduce Yasmina, a resilient 6-year-old girl from Baalbek who is facing a challenging battle against an orbital tumor. At such a young age, Yasmina has already shown incredible bravery and strength, but she urgently needs our support.

Yasmina requires weekly therapy, a crucial part of her treatment journey, with costs exceeding $42,000 annually. Additionally, she faces a future procedure for beautification, as she has tragically lost one of her eyes due to the tumor.

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"Telethon Stouh Beirut 203: Light Up Your Heart" - a special feature highlighting the extraordinary journey of Maha Gerges, a resilient mother from Jouret El-Termos, caring for her two autistic children.

In this heart-touching video, Maha shares her daily challenges, hopes, and the undying love for her children. Despite facing overwhelming odds, including her daughter's epileptic seizures and the staggering cost of medications, Maha's strength and determination shine through.

Her struggle is amplified by financial constraints, with her husband's salary barely covering their needs and the prohibitive costs of schooling and medical care. Together, let's show that love, unity, and community support can transform lives.

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