Despite facing it’s most challenging year to date, the Telethon will take place on the 21st of December 2020

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- 5-year-old boy who is suffering from leukemia (blood cancer).

- His father is incarcerated.

- His mother is taking care of two young children.

- His grandmother Fatima Dirani is the one who is taking care of him instead to make up for the absence of his parents.

- He needs medicine, constant treatment, and weekly blood tests.

- He lives in a modest home in Kfarnabba, Beqaa, and requires immediate assistance to be able to continue his treatment and to afford his basic food needs.

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- She is 40 years old.

- She has been in a wheelchair for 5 years because of her extreme sadness following the death of both her father and mother.

- She needs constant care, vitamins, and diapers.

- Her sister Anthonia is 30 years old and is unemployed.

- They both live in a flat, the rent of which reaches 750.000 LBP per year.

- The flat is in a horrible state, because of the humidity, the leaks, and the mold and since heating is unavailable.

-Anthonia is asking for a job to be able to afford basic livelihoods and Patricia’s necessities.

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- An 8-year-old girl who suffers from growth impairment.

- She has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma.

- She requires weekly treatments.

- The family’s condition is extremely difficult, as it cannot even procure diapers for Maryam or oil for heating.

- Her father is unemployed.

- Her mother is sick.

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- A 15-year-old girl suffering from lymphoma.

- Her father is unemployed.

- She needs a bone marrow transplant.

- The amount which is not covered by the insurance reaches 70 million LBP.

- Her living and health conditions are extremely difficult; thus, she needs a helping hand in order to survive

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Let’s face this pain with a smile

let’s light this darkness up, So that hope has a place to be born in... and so we can all have a Merry Christmas

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- She is a widow who has two boys.

- She is sick and suffers from back pain.

- She has gone through two unsuccessful surgeries.

- Her first son is disabled and breathes using an oxygen bottle.

- Her second son is receiving treatment from Em El Nour Association.

- She needs help because she and her son’s situations are critical, and the family does not have a breadwinner.

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- Two sisters who are living in circumstances way worse than what is described as below poverty line.

- Maryam is 63 and has a disability.

- Margo (60 years old) has an 8-year-old son. - All 3 of them live in a room with Egyptian individuals.

- Margo had to beg for money in monasteries so that the family does not starve.

- The two sisters and the boy require instant help to alleviate the extreme poverty that they are currently living in.

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Stouh Beirut

The annual Christmas Telethon has been active since 2013, initially hosted by Dalia on her then-talk show Stouh Beirut”.

It has become a yearly televised fundraising event that lasts for hours, raising financial support to individuals or families, from across Lebanon, that have poor access to appropriate medical care and/or life-threatening social and financial conditions.

This year, despite all the difficult conditions, we insist to fulfill our humanitarian mission in organizing the annual humanitarian event “TELETHON STOUH BEIRUT”. And since the pain is bigger this year and while hunger and poverty hurt only those who are experiencing them, our goals will be:

1 – Distributing starting one million Lebanese Liras to more than one thousand Lebanese families who are in need across Lebanon. Moreover, we will choose cases from these families who have different necessities, and we will try to raise more donations depending on their needs so they can have a notable decent change in their lives.

2 -Raising money to cover the expenses of the treatments to different critical illness cases (children, elders, or breadwinners…) giving them back the hope in life they deserve the most.

Without your support, we cannot go on and we cannot give them back the smile and they can never celebrate the holidays!

Therefore, for the Eighth consecutive year, we will be waiting for you on the 21st of December to face the pain with a smile and to color up the darkness, so that we can all celebrate the holidays!

We need your help!
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