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Despite facing it’s most challenging year to date, the Telethon will take place on December 23rd 2019

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Stouh Beirut

The annual Christmas Telethon has been active since 2013, initially hosted by Dalia on her then-talk show Stouh Beirut”.

It has become a yearly televised fundraising event that lasts for hours, raising financial support to individuals or families, from across Lebanon, that have poor access to appropriate medical care and/or life-threatening social and financial conditions.

The telethon takes place around Christmas time with the help of many participants, public figures and politicians who answer phones and take donations on live TV.

The process of the Telethon is simple:

Reports are broadcasted during the show detailing the specific conditions of 7-10 families requiring benefactor assistance to survive. During the live broadcast of the show, a phone number and website appear on the screen for donors to make pledges.

Viewers can call the phone number and pledge money to the causes while the telethon is taking place.

A specific donation level is usually set to target, depending on the amount needed to cover all the telethon cases.

The Telethon has run for 6 successful years and 2019 will be the seventh.

Last 20 angels who made it happen

Donor name Donation amount
Sylva Nicolas $200
Thierry Sabbagh $1500
Hoda K $50
Sabine Hayeck $30
Vicky Lahoud $20
Pascale Jahel $200
Remi FEGHALI $200
Tania Ch $250
Zeina Kady $150
Leila Daaboul $50
Josephine Samia $100
Mireille Faddoul $30
Toni EL Massih $500
Manale Haddad $50
Eliane Rachkidy $200
Anwar Hajj $500
Naim Haddad $300
Elsa Khoury $250
Cyril Bustros $50
Bernard Zaarour $1000
Abdallah Al-Ramy has just donated $200