"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Anthony Najjar, whom you met on the Téléthon of Stouh Beirut in 2021, and who requires a heart transplant, arrived in Rome under the sponsorship of Stouh Beirut to begin his journey.

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Stouh Beirut

For the ninth consecutive year, our hand is still extended to you so that we go on together and no matter how big the challenges are, we insist to fulfill our humanitarian mission in organizing the annual humanitarian event “Telethon Stouh Beirut” on the 23rd of December 2021, so that we can experience the love and giving spirit.
Regrettably, the Lebanese living conditions are deteriorating. Consequently, our mission has become even harder to achieve. Under these challenging circumstances, our “Telethon” this year, comes with greater responsibilities and greater demand.
Our goal is to stand next to the people who have medical issues and critical illnesses and families who are in urgent need, we will do our best to cover their suffering faithfully as we always did to give them back the hope in a life they deserve the most.
There are very many social and health cases, but since their numbers have become greater than we could possibly handle, we had to limit ourselves to only a few of them.
This year’s biggest challenge is Anthony Najjar, a 22-year-old young man.
The sweet guy is a typical Lebanese citizen like you and me. He has love and hope in his heart, but he has reached his limits, and he needs our help to bring light to the darkness of his pain and help his heart beat again. Anthony needs a heart transplant at a cost of 600,000 Euros to allow him to continue his young life among us and his loved ones.
Hand in hand, we must work to help Omar and Nagham defeat their cancer so that it doesn’t devour their innocent childhoods.
We must work together so Peter Jack doesn’t lose his long battle with an illness he’s fought for 7 challenging years.
We must work together so that Afif wins his battle against cancer and remains with his children.
We must work together so that Charbel can live his life like the rest of us, and for Marie’s heart so that it keeps beating, and for Alaa so he can fulfill his dream of getting the electric chair that will ease his pain and fulfill his many needs.
We must work together so that Elie can live his life without pain.
And because humanity is about continuity… Julie’s laughter deserves to be heard and deserves to have us at her side this year as well, as disease shouldn’t kill such a beautiful young heart who has worked so hard to survive.
And we must continue with our humanitarian duty with Maryam and Zainab, who need lifelong follow-up and treatment.
Be many, like you are every year, on the 23rd of December 2021 starting 5 pm till midnight
Together, we must work so we can all celebrate during these holidays, so some joy can remain in this country whose resurrection has been a long time coming.

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It's easy to think of people in need as anonymous, but they are real people with lives, families, and dreams. 22-year-old Anthony Najjar is a loving, ambitious, and hard-working young man. He is the apple of his mother's eye and a beloved brother. He also was born with a heart defect, and he needs an urgent operation to save his life.

The amount required : 600.000 Euros

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Peter Jack is a 19-year-old young man with special needs. He lives in the Convent of the Sisters of Mother Theresa of the Child Jesus in the Bcharre region, and two volunteers in the monastery take care of him: Elie and Darine. Peter began suffering from cancer at the age of 12, and he went through a lot of pain and treatments until finally, the doctor announced his recovery from the disease. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the case only for a short period. The disease recurred after only two months of rest when Elie and Darine discovered that their “almost son” was sick for the second time with leukemia. Today, Peter Jack needs a very expensive treatment. Sadly, Elie and Darine are unable to help him, especially in light of the difficult economic conditions, and the fact that Darine is currently unemployed.

The amount required: 35.000 $

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Omar Muhammad Al-Mawla is a 7-year-old child from the Akkar region. Omar has been suffering from stomach cancer for months. The child's health has deteriorated rapidly, and within a few months, the disease has already spread throughout his body. Omar needs a difficult and harsh treatment that requires him to stay up to several weeks in the hospital.
Omar’s treatment requires huge sums of money. Staying in the hospital for weeks at a time costs his family about 50 million Lebanese pounds per month. Omar needs 5 more treatments, which means he needs about 5 months to recover. The family's condition is truly deplorable, as Omar's parents are unable to secure even the road fare to get to and from the hospital.

The amount required: 20.000 $

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Charbel Mouawad is an 11-year-old boy suffering from hemihypertrophy. Charbel needs an urgent foot operation, and the amount required for the operation is 3500 USD. Because of the difficult economic conditions, Charbel’s family is unable to secure the required amount.

The minimum amount required: 3.500 $

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Julie Bashir is a name that has shone brightly in the past few years, as this young girl has already won the battle against her disease twice. Julie, who is 16 years old today, has suffered from cancer – Lymphoma - since the age of 9. She went through a lot and overcame her disease after long treatments. However, the malicious cancer returned about a year and a half ago, and that time was even more difficult. Julie received harsh and difficult treatment, in addition to a bone marrow transplant, and again, she defeated cancer and survived. The Stouh Beirut Telethon accompanied Julie last year and helped the young woman and her family secure the amount needed for her treatment and recovery. Against the odds, the strong Julie recovered for the second time. However, the shock came a month ago: the disease has recurred for the third time. Today, Julie needs a new bone marrow transplant. Julie also needs a long and difficult treatment to eradicate the disease again.

The minimum amount required: 45.000 $

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Elie Dahdouh is a person with special needs and suffers from poor eyesight. He cannot make a living and has no caretaker to help him. He is 54 years old. Because of a medical error, Elie suffers today from severe inflammation of the skin of the abdomen. He needs a quick operation to prevent his intestines from literally coming out of his body. Because of the difficult economic conditions, Elie is unable to pay the required amount for the operation.

The minimum amount required: 40.000$

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Nagham Al-Nada is a 9-year-old girl from the Denniyeh area in North Lebanon. She has been suffering from leukemia for months, and her condition is very difficult as her immunity is very weak.
Nagham needs a long treatment that extends over two years, and she needs to be admitted to the hospital once a week. The family has a difficult financial situation: Nagham’s parents are both unemployed, and her mother already sold all the gold she owned to secure treatment for her daughter.

Amount needed: 20.000 $

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Young Zainab, a beautiful five-year-old girl, suffers from several illnesses. Her mother does not leave her side, thus she is unable to work and leave the house.

The father abandoned them and they live in poor conditions, and they have no financial support or income to fund a decent life.

The little girl suffers from poor physical development, difficulty in speech, and electricity in the head.

Zainab needs permanent treatment and follow-up to be able to live and resist her disease.

Amount needed: 15.000$

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Marie Abdel Nour Soudeir, 69 years old, suffers from heart disease. She is a widow and lives in the Zalka area, and her only son takes care of her. Today, Marie needs a very delicate heart operation known as TIVA, and the amount required to complete the operation is 460 million Lebanese pounds.

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Afif Fallah is a 54-year-old family man. He suffers from stomach and head cancer. He is the father of a boy and a girl. He needs a long and harsh treatment, and staying in the hospital for weeks costs a lot these days. Today, Afif needs an operation to implant stem cells. The cost of Afif’s treatment is the equivalent of 800 million LBP.

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