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Hoda Dahhan needs your support!

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Hoda Dahhan needs your support!

Hoda Dahan is in her 60s.

Social Status: she cares for her three grandchildren after their father passed away and their mother left them, and she has a son with special needs who tried repeatedly to find a job, but in vain, because of his disabilities.

Her grandchildren were enrolled in SOS schools, but they are no longer capable of pursuing their education in such schools, bearing in mind that two of them suffer from depression and epilepsy and require chronic medications.

“Stouh Beirut” has been taking charge and looking after Hoda and her grandchildren for 4 years.

Medical Status: she suffers from blocked arteries and cardiomyopathy and she needs continuous monitoring by her cardiologist and adherence to her medications.

The yearly cost is 25 thousand Dollars.

Elie Bastoli has just donated $300